Some christmas thoughts

In Germany people celebrate Christmas mostly on the 24th of December. Sometimes also the 25th or 26th, but today, the 24th, thats the main day kids look forward since thats when you get your presents.

My family probably has (had?) a nice christmas but i am far away in Colorado. I got up early and spend most of my day riding amazing jumps on peak 8 at Breckenridge, later on did some clothing reviews for the new Oakley outerwear, cooking some food and trying to figure out Twitter.

Do i have to feel bad to spend my main christmas day snowboarding like most other days and not do anything special? To be honest i am totally fine with it. I wonder if it is because i am very rational and not religious, or maybe i have just grown out of the age where you cant wait to get showered in presents. Actually getting things as a present that i cant put to any use makes me feel bad. I think its bad how christmas sometimes makes people buy unnecesairy things for their friends and family just because they feel this pressure they have to have something to give to them. How many pieces of soap and random shower gels and bathroom kits has every girl gotten in her life because thats the easierst present people seem to come up with for us females? How many random un-usable decoration items have you gotten for your grandma because its hard to get something for grandmas , so often you end up with a fancy candle or some other deco stuff that will never really have another purpose but looking kinda nice?

Anyways. I appreciate hanging out with my family on lets say March 11th just as much as i appreciate hanging out on December 24th. I prefer seeing my mum wakeboarding in worn out surf shorts in August and sponteanously getting her new ones because she can use them to last-minute-december-23rd-buying her some shirt that i think looks good (because subconsciously i want it myself ).

Well… No christmas hate. Its nice if it makes a lot of people happy to buy overpriced flights and stress spending lots of last minute shopping-money buying unnecesairy items for their friends and family, if it makes them happy to do all this journey home with the expectations of perfect happy christmas (no expectations will make you happy. High expectations are a great way to possible unhappiness) ….

This might make you think i am a negative person. but i dont think i am. i am just realistic and have learned from my own experiences. And i truely enjoy snowboarding. I think i have been very happy today on my christmas day jumping around in the snow. That was my present to myself. To be here, not stress anywhere with presents that make no sense, just to go shred with friends and really enjoy to be where i am. When i come home Dec 31st my grandma can have a candle and my mum a shirt i want myself. maybe for my brother i will get some underwear he doesnt like and for my dad some cigars even though he doesnt smoke. I am also looking forward to receiving a book i will never read and some shower gel to stack up with the shower gels from 2008 and 2009. It will be sweet.

Merry christmas everybody!!!

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