Biking on the bike path

I used this analogy this summer that everybody´s life is like some kind of vehicle. You can be a boat or a racebike or a monster truck or if you want you could also be a unicycle or whatever else you can think of. So everyone is some kind of vehicle, thats our character, our personality, our soul, whatever we really are inside. It feels like by the path you chose in life, by all the decisions you make every day, you pick the terrain you ride/drive/paddle/… you vehicle on. If you are flowing with life, doing the right stuff, you are on the right terrain with your vehicle. Sure you can take the unicycle on the highway or the monster truck under water but it might be not as easy, good-feeling and other-oportunities-giving as if you stayed on the terrain that fits you most.

Sometimes i feel like life goes too fast, like i loose my track for a moment or its really foggy and i cant see what i am currently trying to ride my bike on , but then other days it all comes back really clear and things just make a ton of sense and i feel this deep happiness everything is exactly how it is supposed to be.

Today was one of those days. Rode jumps on peak 8 with friends in the morning. It was very motivating to ride with Chris who is lapping way faster than me which made me ride differently than i usually do. Nice new little turn on my life-path. Then it got super busy (thanks for the speed laping, that way we got more runs i usually get, everything happens for a reason right?) and the lines were so long everybody got tired of waiting endlessly for each run that they all left.

Earlier this year we found this supernice piano in the lobby of the One Ski Hill Place. When i asked then the people working there told me i cant play it. Today i went back to it. And they said i am allowed to play. It was the nicest piano i have ever played in my life, perfectly tuned, such great sound, perfect amount of strengh it takes to play the keys. After being in love with the Breckenridge jumps my newest big crush is that piano. I couldnt leave it for almost 3 hours, until i was so hungry i knew i needed to go.

Those riding and piano hours have put me back in tune with life 100%. I am biking my bike on the bikepath. I see and feel it. It´s awesome.

On top of this i will go swim some laps at the Breck rec center now. Water usually also does magic to balancing me. I already feel 100% on my track, but that swimming on top might make me come back even more happy and high on life that i will possibly write another amateur philosopher blog like this and dream the most amazing dreams all night.

Life is good. Biking on the bike path again.

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