Happy New Years!

Last night was my first new years in Germany in many years. First i didnt think i would make it anywhere since i didnt arrive in Munich from the US until 1pm, unpacked my bags, did laundry, said hi to family, went through my pile of mail, passed out half dead at 5pm. Woke up at 9pm and went to my old school friend Andy´s new years party.

It was crazy to see people i hadn´t seen in 6-8 years. There were real surprises hearing about what others have been doing because i still don´t do and never have done facebook. Hearing one of my formerly good friends moved to the US, is married since 8 years and has a 3 and a 5 year old kid was pretty intense.

New years was amazing. It´s so different how people celebrate in Germany. We actually drink champaign and eat fondue, there´s tons of fireworks and everybody counts down on midnight real loud together, to hug every single person you´re with once its time and wish them a happy new year. We also did “lead pouring” which I dont think anyone does in the US. You melt a little lead cube and then pour it into cold water what makes it form in weird shapes that are said to tell your future for the upcoming year. My cube split into 2 weird objects. One i think is i a boat and the other one is either a hummingbird or a octopus. Well nobody else really saw the hummingbird in it but to me it was clear.

My understanding is that either i will finally have a good vacation again this year, somewhere warm with a boat, hummingbirds and an octopus or maybe i can hope to be in tune with the elements, like floating on the water, flying in the air and swimming in the ocean. Biking on the bikepath. Maybe the mysterious lead pouring is just agreeing with what my last post.

Happy new years everyone!

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