Slopestyle, La Molina and the olympics

Just because some people told me i sound suicidal. :-) I am not suicidal. But there is ups and downs, its just natural, and why not dare to say what you think and feel, even if it´s not always good…

One of life´s downs is also the current World Championships in La Molina. It´s said to be the test event to see wheather slopestyle is ready to be introduced into the olympics in Sochi. Well from the state of slopestyle it´s out of the question that the discipline is ready to be taken where ever you want to take it. But if the people trying to take it somewhere aren´t ready to build a good course, to judge in a understandable way and generally make an event worth being called world championships maybe that´s where things aren´t ready to be taken to the next level.

Well no matter what it is an interesting experience to be here. Everything is a little different than usually. Actually things are so bad they make me happy again because everything is funny. Like the story of the slopestyle course. It was supposed to be a slalom racing slope first, but the racers said its too steep to race on it. So they turned it into a slopestyle. How is that?

Or today it was so stormy that they cancelled the slalom racing because it was dangerous and not fair. But they kept slopestyle qualifiers going until the lift had to stop due to the storm.

Or another great story that you get plus points for 180s on speed bumps here. In TTR events it´s called revert and it´s bad because it interrupts the flow of your run. But at the FIS world championships it´s an additional great trick and you get plus points. It just makes me laugh.

Maybe some of those stories have been twisted a bit by being told from person to person but those versions above are what i heard. And yes they make me happily laugh. I am tired of being unhappy with the bad course, tired of complaining about bad athmosphere and things i don´t understand, so i flipped the switch. This whole world championships thing is a joke. And you know what, it is a great joke. :-)

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