Back on track

The world is so ok again. Thanks Breckenridge for fixing it all.

No more lost astronaut in space, no more searching bike paths, everything is simply good, makes sense, i am happy and don´t try to swim against the strong current of life´s racing speed anymore.

After crashing on the shitty world champs course i thought i possibly broke my back. My flight to the US was the next day though, and i really didn´t know wheather i should go or not. Should i get X rays in Munich? Stay in Munich and finally relax for a moment? Fly to the US and risk needing to get X rays there, finding out i have a broken back and not be able to snowboard at all? 10 minutes before departing to the airport i still didn´t know what i should do. Then i decided to believe in the good stuff. Be positive. My back wouldn´t be broken, it would all work out, and even though i was deadly tired from the Europe weeks i decided to take another bit of exhaustment, go on that plane and go back to the US.

It was the right decision. Everything finally fell back in place, the back isnt broken and i actually had some of the best snowboarding days of my life.

Now i´m in Calgary for the Canadian Open. Luckily it´s not as cold anymore as it was when i flew here. It should be a fun week, the course is good and COP is just such a happy little place. It´s good to be back . Back from shitty times, possibly broken backs and back in Calgary where i haven´t been since 2009. It was good then, too.

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