Speed of light, speed of February

How to invest a breakfast voucher at C.O.P – Cilka´s version and mine.

January/February, that´s when the winter season reaches full speed. Weeks go by and feel like days, the days don´t have enough hours anyways, and when you wake up in the morning sometimes you wonder which country you´re currently in.

Right now I´m back in magic Breckenridge, the best place to just fly with the lightspeed of snowboard season life, but on saturday i´m already off for the next adventure. The Arctic Challenge in Norway. I´m really stoked to go there, it´s the first time they let women do it since it´s a slopestyle event.

I hope it won´t be as much of a rollercoaster ride as last week in Calgary at the Canadian Open. The weather was more than moody there what made it really difficult to do the contest and possibly even ride well. My personal Calgary rollercoaster ride went as deep as almost breaking my neck and as high as finishing 2nd and getting over the contest curse that i felt on my shoulders so far this season. So in the end it was a good ride.

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