Timetravelling in the moment

This blog was supposed to be about traveling with the senses, creating memories not only visually and maybe through your sense of taste but also through hearing and smelling, and – most important- through truely feeling where you are. If you´re generally conscious, let your senses be awake, it´s so much easier to make a deep connection with a place, to really feel it, and therefore keep it in your memories later on for years, in a way that just by smelling, hearing, tasting or even feeling something you feel like being put back into that place and into the feeling you had when you were there. If you have those type of memories of moments and places you are as close to being able to beam (teleport) yourself as you can get in the world today. Basically with the help of a song, through the taste of a certain fruit or the smell of a flower you can be able to put yourself back into the feeling of a different place at a different time…

Therefore – whereever you are, whatever you do, find the outstanding little things and connect them to that day, moment and place if you want to be able to travel back in time some day.

I´m connecting today to amazing mashed potatoes.

This morning i got 2 wisdom teeth pulled. It took forever for the numbness to go away, just to be replaced by pain. I slept for a bit, hoping to wake up with a better feeling and dreamt of a woman whose head got chopped off and who was bleeding all over the place , just to wake up to the metallic taste of blood in my own mouth.

After not eating all day I made a smoothie and boiled some potaoes. I won´t be able to connect the smoothie to much because i make those too often, but mashed potatoes, those so far make me think of American thanksgiving only. But those are American mashed potatoes. I made free style German mashed potatoes with some soy joghurt and oat milk mixed in, some herbs and spices and balsamic, everything so smashed that i could easily eat it even in my “state of teeth”. Who knows if it was so good because i didnt eat all day or if they really were the most amazing mashed potatoes ever, but as a matter of fact i might connect them to today, to Munich, to my wisdom teeth and the day that i dreamt of the woman with no head, to being home-home and to hearing the birds sing in the forest right now while the sun is still out at 8.30 pm on the longest day of the year, June 21st. Not sure if i will want to travel back to “the day i got rid of my last wisdom teeth” in the future, but I´ll just buy this return ticket real quick in my brain, it doesn´t cost anything, and it will make mashed potatoes more exciting for the next years to come.

(And i just realized i wrote what i wanted to write. Somehow I didn´t think i would. Must be the mashed potatoes.)

(What i forgot to say though is that sometimes the best tickets for backwards time travels happen unconsciously, too, and you don´t even realize you got that ticket until whatever makes it what it is crosses your path again and you just feel it. Maybe sometime I´ll think more about those. Maybe not.)

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