Challenge Wanaka

This spring there was an Ironman-distance triathlon here in Wanaka/New Zealand called Challenge Wanaka. My friend Simone, who i met as the girl working in the organic supermarket, got second in it. Never underestimate the person selling you your morning coffee…

I had my own Challenge Wanaka during the last week after badly spraining my ankle skateboarding on saturday after the Bro Down finals, where i finished unlucky 4th not being able to get enough speed for the last big jump.

After getting x rays the night of the accident it turned out at least there were no broken bones. But I was far away from being capable to walk and spent the next days taking decent amounts of iboprofein and walking only on my left leg with the help of crutches. Just a few days on crutches made me realize again how much more difficult life is on them. Carrying a cup of tea can be such a mission…

I had 4 days between my skateboard accident and the NZ open semi finals. 2 of those days i spent full time on crutches. The 3rd i tried to do some turns but they felt funny so instead of practicing on the NZ open course i ended up sitting next to it watching everyone else ride it and that way learning about the speed and other characteristics of the features. In the end of the day i did some scary feeling pipe runs for pipe qualifiers – that way if i wouldnt be able to ride the slopestyle the next day at least i had a little share of NZ Open, after coming from the other end of the world.

At night I was nervous. It`s a scary feeling to realize you`re planning to hit some big jumps first time ever in your life at 8am on an ankle whose reaction to jump-landings is unknown and may very well feel that painful that you have to realize you`ll be out for longer than just a few days.

The first run on the course that morning was quite an experience. Gathering all my energy and focus somehow everything worked out. You can really learn to ride a course just by watching others. I ended up having 3 runs on the course before my contest run which was the first run to do any tricks on the jumps for me. All went smooth except coming short on the last – 75foot long – jump and flip-bouncing off the knockle into the landing. I was so lucky I`m still thankful nothing worse happened there. After that I got scared and ended up straight airing that jump in the next run which wasn`t enough to go to finals.

Personally I feel i conquered my challenge Wanaka though.

You don`t see the girl across the counter in the organic store is a real Iron woman, and you might also not see that simply riding the course and placing 11th in the NZ Open is a big achievement. But most the time, there`s a story behind the surface. Finding and realizing it makes many things in life a lot more appreciate-able.

(Thanks Ananda Van Welij for the NZ Open photo!)

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