Limited Love

It makes me feel good to have some kind of a daily routine. Even if doing something similar for just 3 days barely deserves being called a routine. But that´s how it often is with all the travelling.

I love bright awake mornings, a not stressed breakfast with a good book or newspaper, early morning gym visits or even better perfect Breckenridge jumps before 9am when there´s no tracks and no people. I love the right music in the right moment, and a hot cup of coffee when i walk down Breck mainstreet to the gondola – I get it at the same place everyday and it´s always still hot when i sit down in the little gondola that takes me up to the park. Usually it´s not even 8.30am, the windows have dozends of glittery frozen ice flowers all over them and the sun peaking through gently brightens the gondola with fairy tale light. I sit by myself with some amazing music and just feel happy through and through. I can have that morning 100 times in a row and will never get tired of it.

But right now I´m in Munich, I´ve been riding all summer long in New Zealand and I´ve been drinking coffees every single morning in Silvia NZ style – which ment out of my terrible looking emergency to-go-cup. It is a former tomato sauce glas run through the dish washer a few times. I couldn´t find a good reusable to-go-cup to buy, so i started using this thing instead and through time established a relationship with it that brought the innocent New Zealand tomato sauce glas all the way to Munich in the end. I admit it.

For the next weeks there will be no snowboarding, I make my body take a break since i know I´ll need the energy to stay strong and healthy through the upcoming season all the way into May.  Even though you love them and the routine that comes with them, it´s good to take breaks from your passions sometimes – once you return to them the fire will burn even brighter and fiercer.

People usually want what they don´t have, so if you are confident to be happy to want a certain thing (are you happy to want to eat tons of candy?) , it´s ok to sometimes cut yourself off it for a bit – to want it even more afterwards, to enjoy it to the last bit, to love it more dearly and be completely filled by the passion you have for it.

That´s what i do with snowboarding and coffee right now. Just thinking about early Breckenridge mornings and perfect jumps after a coffee&music gondola ride made me sigh with pleasure. I love the warm late German summer we have right now, and i enjoy my good morning tea, but i am already feeling the fireworks starting to explode inside when I think about being reunited with those other passions.

This concept also works for people you care about in my eyes. Maybe it is a way for myself to see the tricky social snowboarding/travelling situation in a better light – there`s so many people i would like to see more often, spend more time with – but since they´re all spread out over continents it`s hard to do.

Sure , through spending a smaller amount of life situations together the bond might not get as strong as it could,  but when you are reunited, the life situations you do spend with a person you have a great connection with are twice as meaningful and deep-felt. Seeing people you love less might make you appreciate being with them twice as much when you can.

Being limited from many things you love at times might turn you into a more loving person in the end.

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