Since tonight i`m a mum

It started as ordinairy as a day can start – in a city you don´t know, in a country whose language you don´t speak, with your friend going to work and you just doing your thing, meaning going to the United Club, an incredible Istanbul gym, on the way home picking some amazing food that I neither know its name nor what is it, buying it by explaining with my hands and taking the number 22 or 40 bus home.
I had some amazing name-less turkish lunch, twice as much desert accompanied by some computer time before taking the 22 bus again to go for another Istanbul adventure before my friend comes back from work.
This time i dared to take the bus all the way to the end, superdowntown Istanbul. Had a little walk, sent a postcard to my grandma and decided to walk back along my bus route since the traffic was so incredibly dense that walking was faster than the bus anyways. And you see more, too…
I walk along this insane rush hour traffic road with 4lanes when i see a stopped car and 3 people running around it sticking a stick under the car. I got scared they hit an animal, wondering if i can help, run there and it´s a baby cat under the car. On a 4 lane rush hour crazy traffic road. None of them was able to get it out. Somehow I went there, and the cat let me take it away from under the car. The driver jumps in the car, leaves. The 2 women look at me, say something in turkish and walk off. I stand there, a baby cat in my hands, in the middle of downtown Istanbul. No way i leave it here.
The next thing i know is that i stand in the totally crowded 40 bus, in traffic that moves slower than a regular person walks, with a baby kitten inside my jacket kuddled against my heart. I really think my heartbeat made it relax a bit.
The bus ride felt endless. When i walked uphill to my friends apartement, the little furball inside my jacket started purring. I think he likes when my heart starts beating stronger. Actually – I don´t even know yet if its a he or she… But it´s name is Bebek. That´s turkish for baby and also the name of the area right next to my friend´s apartement.
Now I´m back home in my friends apartment, gave Bebek a tiny bit milk and since he seemed real scared by himself I invited him back into my jacket. So I´m wearing a jacket inside, with a baby kitten in it. Bebek sleeps inside my jacket while i write this.
I am a mum now. And I think I will take Bebek with me. It´s gonna be interesting with the airplane to Germany and an incredibly busy snowboarding season afterwards. But no matter what, it will be better than getting run over on a 4 lane street during rush hour downtown Istanbul.

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