I´m walking 25 min to the vet everyday. First i carried Bebek inside my jacket. The guys at the vet felt bad, so they gave me a transport cage to use while I´m here. On the way home I felt not right to carry an animal in a cage that can be totally self sufficient, that can hunt to survive and has feet that very well walk themselves. No matter if it´s a baby, cats are still wild inside and this baby survived on the streets before we met.
So in a more quiet zone through a forest i decided to let her out the cage and give her the chance to choose wheather she actually wants to be with me. Yesterday, when i did it the first time, I sat on the cage and wrote something while letting her run around a bit. She pretty soon jumped on my lap and started purring. I sat her on the ground again and encouraged her to explore, but she jumped back onto my lap. I guess she chose to stay with me that day.
Today i did the same thing, but kept walking to see if she would follow. And she does. Like a little dog she followed me the entire uphill way on the forrest path and even on the almost-no-traffic-road to the appartement. I couldn´t believe it.
I´ve known cats for a long time, and i always loved them for their free will, for how they don´t kiss your ass if they don´t like you, how they sometimes pee on the stuff that belongs to people they hate and how they would always survive in the wild if they had to. It made me so happy this little kitten chose to stay with me, walk behind me, even when it´s in a beautiful forest and could just run off anytime…
All this story telling is far away from snowboarding, but that´s one of the reasons why i came to Istanbul. To be away from the entire snowboarding thing for a minute, since i know the winter will be long enough… It´s working out real well!

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