What is indoor snowboarding like?

It’s a fact — people living in countries without mountains and/or snow are not as likely to get into wintersports. But due to ski domes and dry slopes it’s possible to get into skiing and snowboarding even in places like Dubai these days. But what is indoor snowboarding really like?

The Netherlands are a pretty flat zone. Interestingly Ride picked exactly this country to showcase all the 2012/2013 product at their International Sales Meeting – at Snowworld Landgraf, an indoor snow dome.

I´ve been to other indoor slopes before and every single place has it´s own vibe and specialties. The Skihalle Neuss in Germany is a famous bachelor-party spot, in Japan the escalators (that are used instead of lifts) give the ski domes a touch of shopping-mall-feeling whereas Landgraf was the first place where I’ve ever seen a 6-person-chairlift inside.

Even though you wouldn’t expect conditions to change much without the impact of weather, the slopes are definitely the best in the morning and get gradually icier until the end of the day. One of the days I really rode until the last lift. Last lift means midnight. Since the light and temperature is the same all day long it’s easy to lose the feeling for what time it is when you ride indoors.

Besides the six person chairlift I was also really impressed by the park they had set up at Landgraf. It’s possible to hit three jumps or a decent amount of jibs including a nice staircase rail feature in just one run. Sure the landings get pretty icy as the day advances, but to be able to snowboard a park of that standard in a country that otherwise wouldn’t even have a single snowboard-able mountain is really amazing to me.

I’m stoked Ride decided to do the sales meeting at such a place, because without that reason I´d have never traveled there myself — if you have a choice between Breckenridge and Holland fridge it’s a easy choice.

By now I got back home to Munich after a week of indoor shred, epic parties from Amsterdam red light districts to Landgraf Apres Ski, checked out the entire range of 2012/13 product and met a lot of great people from all over the world. Today it feels I´ve somewhat caught up on my lack of sleep – it´s important since I´ll already drive to Dachstein for the next adventure aka Pleasure Jam tomorrow!

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