See what I see, feel what I feel

It starts with the squishing sound that snow only makes when the temperatures are almost unbearably low, a sound I haven´t heard in Germany in a long time. Either because global warming has already hit us too hard or because I´m barely at home through those coldest times of the year.
This squeeking melody my feet create while walking along the snowy path to the gym on a freezing but clear and sunny Breckenridge early jet-lag-morning, the sharp shaped grey clouds of warm breath in the cutting cold air and the warm cup of soft smelling herbal tea in my hands that all together create this morning scenario that will always give me a deep secure feeling that the world is a lot more than just ok.
Some people say snowboarding life isn´t “real life”. If snowboarding life isn´t real life, Breckenridge is my fairy tale castle and I am a ice princess.
The life you actually live is your reality. Snowboarding life is my real life. And on top I anyways chose a glittery ice castle world where coincidence doesn´t exist, where energy flows in, between and around everything, where smiles and eye contact with strangers are traffic signs on a different level of understanding and emotional sounds (that you couldn´t spell if you wanted to) say more than a thousand words.
Snowboarding life is a bizarre reality somewhere between being in “the truman show” and being a traveling circus, with a friends circle originating from all continents finding back together in constantly changing random countries, most regularly somewhere above 7000feet of altitude on chairlifts and T-bars aswell as in hot tubs and beer pubs of mountain towns most people never get to call home for longer than a week.
Since most events don´t last longer than a week,the traveling snowboard circus usually doesn´t have a common home for more than a week aswell – before all the members take off on different missions to different places until they´re reunited somewhere else in time and space. The Colorado pre season is an exemption to the fast life we usually live – most people stay a month or little less. It almost feels like more than just a personal reality. A sugary fairy tale come true where New Zealand, Norway and Canada are all neighbours and doing all 4 fives in a day is a good day at the office.
Being in the mountains far away from the normal everyday stress of today´s world gives free space to think. To feel. To dream. They are all so close together.
I chose to read the shitty “summit daily” horoscopes that I know are fitted to anyone anyday and pick the lines i like because it turns my fairy tale into a more beautiful story.
When you kick coincidence out of your life, it´s in your own powers to chose explanations why things are the way they are. Yesterday I didn´t miss the bus because I was too slow and got stuck talking to a friend online. No no no. I missed the bus because it was necessairy for me to start walking so I bump into an old friend who ended up giving me a ride.
Today I didn´t break my favourite watch because I made a mistake taking off for a cab3 and crashed, I broke it because I´ve been way too robotic in the last weeks and without constantly having the time on my wrist I will be more relaxed again.
And the people cutting you off while you´re waiting to hit a jump? They aren´t cutting you off because they´re rude and inpatient, they´re either supposed to slow you down or inspire you with a good trick.
Also the fact that tomorrow will be shitty weather doesn´t suck. It has to be shitty weather so we all finally take a day off again. We´ve been going with 110% for way too long.
And so on and on and on.
Once you start finding joy in explaining life in your own little fairy tale ways you will find yourself secretly smiling ten times more than before. Maybe thinking like that brings you a tiny step closer to insanity, but personally I think it´s well worth it for the sake of happiness.

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