From Jaegermeister to the Nirvana. Zooms on life.

Originally, this was a text about „Cheating, Killing and Chocolate Mousse.“

There were some fundamental thoughts leading from roadkill to the group dynamics of war and the question wheather 2 married women put less guilt on their shoulders when they have a threesome with a stranger than if they´d take him home alone, individually.

I ditched the text not only because I couldn´t answer the threesome question, but also because I realized that all those thoughts are like sand castles on a beach. Beautiful and fun to build, they fulfill you entirely in the process of their creation, while in the end, they are a decent amount of sand grains in a vulnerable,short state of beauty in a world of a bazillion of sand grains on a bazillion beaches.

The relation of us humans towards life is like the focus on a camera. You can zoom in and out, have a party night being ruined by a zit on your forehead or question yourself why we are on earth instead of going out.

Eventually we all find the average distance and everyday zoom range to the big picture that we feel most comfortable with.

The smaller the focus, the less complicated life seems to get. Unless you dive into nano structure physics or biochemistry maybe. The bigger the focus, the less important you might feel in a world of more than 7 billion people, but taking it further trying to find answers to questions that exceed everyday life and knock on the door of spiritualism, death and purpose, can give a new understanding of who you are within the full picture of what we know and –even bigger – believe.

We´re all little motors that keep life on earth running and progressing through the actions we take and the energies we put out. My personal motor is amongst other things run by passion and the attempt to strive for the best I can do. If something works out well, it gives me satisfaction to look back at it, and energy to face the next challenge.

The chocolate mousse text didn´t give me satisfaction and I´m still not sure if this one will.

In one of my favourite books, the Celestine Prophecy, it says how almost all of us humans, we spend our life just trying to make living as comfortable as possible. I agree.

We make money to afford living and as soon as we have more than what we need for bare survival, we invest it into making life more comfortable and enjoyable, with technical gadgets, nicer cars, prettier and warmer clothes and spare time activities that make our brains stop thinking unwantedly complicated and often fulfill us with the satisfaction of being good at something. Watching trashy TV might do it for one person the same way as expressing yourself on a violine for another. Aditionally, love is a key ingredient, if not the icing on the cake of comfort.

No matter if you reach that stage through materialistic things and/or expressing and following your passions, the package of some sort of success with comfort tends to make us happy and „Happiness“ is usually on the top of the list of what we want from life.

If the entire world achieved happiness, what would happen?

Probably we would keep creating things that make life even more comfortable and beautiful, such as surgically implanted chips that allow us to turn up heat or cold in our bodies by organic chemical reactions, even fluffier towels that change smell and colour depending on our moods, communication devices that let us talk to our pets and even more potent happiness creating drugs and drinks for our spare time that will keep our minds distracted from the questions that we´ll never be able to answer with knowledge.

Is that what life is in the end? A endless run up the mountain of comfort with the peak getting a little higher with every new invention?

As a side player we got the environment with uncontrollable nature catastrophies as well as the interaction of countries and their governments in the race towards flourishing economy and therefore prosperity raising the comfort and happiness of the cititzens from a different corner.

But after all that, what comes?

It´s easy to return the focus to minimum range, to say „after all, all I want is to be happy“, to think of where we personally are and what we do, to appreciate the small things and wonder what we do this afternoon and eat for dinner.

Who cares where all this big focus stuff goes. This is my life, my body, my friends, my home, my hobbies, my happiness. I am making the best out of it and then I die/get reincarnated/go to heaven/go to hell/I´m not here anymore.

Until then I just want to be happy.

Alright. Me too.



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