A love declaration

   I used to hate the winter. I still hate the cold. The one thing powerful enough to let me make friends with the winter was snowboarding, after 14 years of struggling with it.

Snowboarding has changed my life in so many ways. Far beyond allowing me to sympathize with winter, it enabled me to find and be myself.

At age 13 I felt trapped in an uptight ballett-horse-A-grade-student-piano-world, and caught myself phantasizing about having a skateboard more and more often. I admired the simplicity of skateboarding, to just go out and do it, and also the boys that did it. Buying a skateboard felt like doing something illegal in my up-til-then-world, and starting to skate with my at-the-time boyfriend resulted in the first real injuries of my life. When I tried snowboarding a year later the injuries even doubled (I was really not made for boardsports), but finally there was an outlet for all the wild energies that had been collecting inside me for 14 years, held back by the heavily curbed activities of classical ballett and metronome-controlled piano playing from sheets. I started to feel free.

Snowboarding is a ticket far away from the reality our society has created, far away from pressures and expectations that heavily rest on our shoulders, from the general negativity and fear spread by news all over the world. It brings us closer to our dreams, closer to who we really are, encouraged by a fairytale backdrop made of puffy white, garnished with the beauty of silence.

The calmness of the mountains first slows down everything that stressed you, then the beauty of the scenery lets you forget what worried you and in the end, the adrenaline of challenge will make you face your true self, will unite your body and soul,  will make everything one – you, nature, your dreams, love and future.

Besides the miracolous ability of letting you find your Zen without knowing how to meditate, the mountains also gives a choice between being invisible or in the middle of a big stage.

Hide behind clothes, facemask, goggles and hat if you like, be an invisible rope-cutting ninja finding his zen, or open up, enjoy the fact everybody on the mountain has a free moment, make new friends and get some limelight defying gravity in the park.

Loose cut outerwear, bandana and beanie combined with a mirrored lens erase any physical self-consciousness, a beer belly disappears for a day aswell as bad skin, no dude will hit on you because of your amazing boobs and ass. Lots of superficial bullshit gets cut out, if you dont get stuck on replacing boobs and ass with clothing labels and stickerjobs.

Snowboarding gives a great chance to meet real people in a centered state of mind.

I´m writing this little love declaration from Munich right now, seeing the last cheerfully coloured leaves of fall covered with the first heavy wet snow that came down yesterday night. I´m still not sure where I go next, Austria or straight to the US, still not sure who I will be next, an invisible ninja or a limelight dancer, but what I know for sure is that I am excited for the winter. Thank you snowboarding, for turning hate into love and for making me my true self.



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