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Originating from Munich, Silvia is one of the few German snowboarders to have made an international impact on the sport through the years. Learning to snowboard in 1997, she has grown into a very well-rounded rider, able to take it from the pipe and park to the pow with ease and complete a balanced season comprised of strong video parts and competition results. Silvia spends a lot of time in the United States in her favourite resort Breckenridge to fine-tune her park skills when not traveling for events or photoshoots otherwise.

Lodging in the Top 10 of the TTR World Ranking since years and taking home the first German X Games medal ever (slopestyle silver), Silvia has been a significant part of competitive women´s snowboarding for a long time. Winning the inaugural Canadian Open 2009 was another one of her outstanding career marks, together with many other podium results giving her a reputation as a slopestyle competitor, who can be counted on in any event´s finals.

Starting out strong in the 2011/2012 TTR World Ranking, Silvia has had a great Southern Hemisphere season start already, placing well at competitions and improving her skills by riding with friends at Snowpark NZ.

Besides participating in all major slopestyle competitions and long term aiming at the first Olympic slopestyle in Sochi 2014, Silvia put together a solid video section in Peepshow’s newest movie “Winter Wars” and is already looking forward to filming with the Quebec-originating all-girls video project during the upcoming season when not competing or traveling otherwise.

Where ya from?

Munich, Germany

Where ya at?

Breckenridge/CO, USA

Goals for the Season?

Savouring every single riding day, doing most major contests (TTR/BGOs), film with Peepshow, learn new stuff, meet new people, stay in good shape all year and never take anything for granted.


Smiles, Stories, Adventures, Music, Books

5 items i can’t live without

Diary, piano, friends, internet and tooth brush.


I often spend too much time making decisions.


Bands: Changes all the time
Films: City of God, Big Fish
Books: Popular music from Vittula, Le voyage d`Hector ou la recherche du bonheur, A long way gone
TV Shows: I prefer movies
Drink: Water for sports and German beer when i`m home

if you were not a pro snowboarder, what would you be?

I would study medicine in Munich

Do you have any other special talents (music/write/draw/paint)?

I did classic ballet over 10 years, once was European champion in showdance, play piano, did lots of horseback riding and since 2011 am member of the 50-mile-swim-club in Breckenridge. (i swam 50 miles in the Breck pool)

Last Words to live by?

If you don´t try it, you will never knew if you can do it.